Virgin For St Tropez Feature

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Virgin For St Tropez Feature

102 min

Release date: 02/09/72



The plot

From France's legendary Eurocine, the studio that brought you such lurid Jess Franco classics as FEMALE VAMPIRE (aka EROTIKILL) and A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD comes this obscure and rarely seen sex romp thriller, set against the sunny locales of St.Tropez. 

A VIRGIN FOR ST. TROPEZ tells the tale of illicit sex in a young girl's family home on the French Riviera and a plot to rob the villa but really, most of the plot (such as it is) is an excuse to depict scene after scene of impossibly hot carnal adventures, tightly edited by THE DEVIL'S WEDDING NIGHT director Luigi Batzella and propelled by lush musical cues from composers Robert Hermel (THE EROTIC RITES OF FRANKENSTEIN) and Daniel Janin (SECRETS OF A NYMPHOMANIAC).

Available in North America for the first time and presented fully remastered and totally uncut, A VIRGIN FOR ST. TROPEZ is of special interest to Franco fans as, according to co-star Paul Muller (Franco's VAMPYROS LESBOS and COUNT DRACULA), the legendary exploitation filmmaker took over for credited director Georges Friedland early on and actually was responsible for most of the movie! Certainly, much of Franco's eye for sweaty sex and gorgeous, ocean-set locations is evident here.

Get ready for a vintage Euro-erotica treat, as only Eurocine could make!