The Touch Of Her Flesh

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The Touch Of Her Flesh

74 min

Release date:

Director: Michael Findlay, Suzanne Marre

Actors: Michael Findlay, Marie Lamont, Vivian Del Rio

The plot

With Olga apparently in retirement, director MICHAEL FINDLAY, in partnership with his wife, cinematographer ROBERTA FINDLAY, picked up the slack -- as well as knifes, rope, and cross bows -- and carved a special niche for themselves as the King and Queen of the Roughies. Tapping into the tensions of a skinflick audience primarily made up of lonely men and frustrated husbands, the Findlays turned misogyny into an art. Their most infamous epic, The Touch of Her Flesh, is a perfect introduction to a world where the battle of the sexes is played with weapons, and "penetration" means getting stabbed.

Returning unexpectedly from a business trip, Richard Jennings (director Michael Findlay, acting as "Robert West") finds his wife, Claudia, in bed with another man. Not at all dealing with it well, Jennings runs wildly through the streets of New York until he's hit by a car, loses an eye, and is temporarily crippled.