The Adventures of Lucky Pierre

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The plot

HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS’ first fully-fledged nudie film contained that one element which was missing from many other early entries in that genre, namely a sense of humor that actually worked. Inspired (according to producer DAVID F. FRIEDMAN) by a popular old schoolyard tale, The Adventures of lucky Pierre consists of a series of short skits, each one featuring the titular character, played by club comic BILLY FALBO, in a variety of amusing situations.

In "Pardon My Pigment," Falbo’s a bumbling artist painting three nudes in a park, (His painting turns out like an abstract Picasso!) In "The Plumber’s Friend," Falbo is a handyman fixing a shower faucet while a lovely blonde soaks in the tub, (The woman’s irate husband is played by Lewis regular WILLIAM KERWIN, a.k.a. "Thomas Wood") "For the Birds" sees Falbo as a nature watcher who stumbles across two sunning beauties, and in "The Photographer’s Apprentice," he’s a cleaner at a "Glamour Photo Studio" who ends up taking photographs of three nudes who inexplicably vanish each time he snaps a photo.