Sins Of The Night

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Sins Of The Night

89 min

Release date: 06/09/93

Director: Gregory Dark

Actors: Nick Cassavetes, Deborah Shelton

The plot

Welcome to Jack's world.  It's a world of deception and double cross.  Where there are no heroes, only survivors. For a small time con man looking to stay out of trouble  its a world where things aren't always what they seem. JACK NEITZCHE is about to fall for the one woman he should have stayed away from.  ROXANNE FLOWERS, ex-stripper and Mafia wife, whose got a little trouble  of her own.  Jack has to make a choice.  Help Roxy rid herself of a demented blackmailer and a jealous   husband or take what he can get for himself.  No rules.No second chances. Winner takes all. Because on this side of town anything goes.  And love is a luxury no one can afford.