Secret Swingers Society Feature

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Secret Swingers Society Feature

101 min

Release date: 09/03/18



The plot

Tired of your boring job and dull wife?  Then you need a vacation!  Why not get away to our exclusive spa resort for a little “couples therapy”, and enjoy our casual and experimental atmosphere free of judgment or shame.  Join the Society for Improved Nuptial Negotiations and Erotic Recreation (S.I.N.N.E.R.s) today, and see what you’ve been missing out on.  Membership is free for couples; you just have to be willing to share.  And who can beat that?  Bring one wife to gain access to a bountiful bevy of betrothed beauties.

So, if you have a lust for adventure and don’t really mind seeing your wife get double-teamed and filled in like a crossword puzzle, don’t let this getaway get away.  Finally, a reason to get married!