Real Naughty Vice Girls 2 Feature

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Real Naughty Vice Girls 2 Feature

101 min

Release date: 09/24/18

Director: Sybil Richards

Actors: CC Costigan, Shauna O'Brien, Holly Sampson

The plot

The Vice Girls are back, and they brought their handcuffs.  Ready to nail any perp to the wall, even if that means getting nailed themselves, these ladies bring their own brand of justice to the streets in this thrilling conclusion to the hit film about naughty crooks and even naughtier cops.  

When Vice Detective Angie (Holly Sampson) begins to suspect her partner is having a tryst with the Internal Affairs Investigator (CC Costigan) who is tracking them, Angie decides to launch an investigation of her own.  Meanwhile, our happy hooker Daisy (Mia Zottoli) begins to rethink her career path, but finds that in a city where love is for sale, sometimes you can’t even give it away.

So go for a ride-along with the Vice Girls and get your hands on some big busts, but remember: anyone you do can be held against you in a court of lust.