Pamela Principle 2

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Pamela Principle 2

101 min

Release date: 05/25/94



The plot

Charles and Elaine are caught in a boring marriage. Charles, an architectural photographer decides he needs a change and agrees to take over a friend's studio, which happens to speciali:w in shooting glamour photos of lovely young women for the!r husbands and boyfriends. It is here that he meets the stunning Pamela. Uninhibited and wild, Pamela breezes into the photo studio and into Charles life. They begin a passionate affair that is everything Charles ever dreamed of. Until Elaine returns home and discovers his infidelity.   Surprisingly, Elaine decides she too could use a change of pace to spice up her life and begins an affair with a younger man. But both Charles and Elaine soon realize that the generation gap is much more than either bargained for. Ultimately they both decide their marriage is worth a second chance. Only this time they're going to spice it up with each other!