Girls Of Excelsior Elite

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Girls Of Excelsior Elite

101 min

Release date: 02/03/21



The plot

As the premiere modeling agency in Las Vegas, Excelsior Elite is where you find the hottest girls.  Even the secretary Britnannie (Amanda Auclair) is a smoke-show!  But being surrounded by beautiful people doing scandalous things all day is really starting to take a toll on her, so she recruits the aid of her nosy roommate, star model Erika Elainia (Crissy Moran) to get her in on the real action.

Soon enough Britnannie is immersed in the hedonistic ways of the jet-setting Elite, and though shy at first, she quickly realizes she was built for this.  From fasting to casting to money shot blasting, Annie will do what (and who) needs doing to be a top model at Excelsior Elite, even if it means dethroning the reigning queen Karly (Ander Page)!