G String Gumshoe

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G String Gumshoe

82 min

Release date: 06/18/13

Director: Charles Webb

Actors: Darian Caine

The plot

Samantha Spade the private dick with out a dick is in search of a lesbian love drug that is causing erotic havoc in New York City. A whiff of the sultry and intoxicating love dose will make any hot woman medially turn full blow lesbian! Not to worry, Spade is on the case who works in and way under the covers (if you know what I mean) to try to find the truth behind other girls behinds. As Samantha Spade searches for her quest of truth, justice and random sex with girls whom she has no idea of their first names, she encounters and enters the dark and sexy clutches of lesbian scientist, sexually frustrated fiancés, and G-String G-spot girls to find the truth. So strap on your Sherlock Holmes hat and SherHUMP to this reckless, funny and erotic adventure.