Dirty Angels Ep10

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Dirty Angels Ep10

101 min

Release date: 05/10/20



The plot

Ariel (Juliana Kincaid) finds out that just because she’s paranoid, doesn’t mean there’s nothing kinky going down at her cousin (Diana Espen)’s mansion in the Hollywood Hills.  But is it a matter of national security, or has all the sun and sex gotten to Ariel’s head?  

Downtown, Jake Andre learns the truth about his love Casey (Laurie Wallace), and when he confronts her, he is forced to decide between the hooker he is infatuated with and the one he is married to (Alana Evans).  But will his wife take him back, or does she still have Billy on the brain?  And what of Billy’s girl April (Amber Michaels)?  Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to conceive!