Curious Dr Humpp

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The plot

Brace yourselves, folks, this one's a jaw dropper, a delirious crackpot cult classick, The Curious Dr. Hump is one of the wildest, wackiest mixes of sci-fi, monsters, and skin ever filmed!

Frozen-faced automatons and a goofy-looking monster (with a blinking light in the center of his forehead) abduct a collection of sexual specimens -- hippies, lesbians, stripper GLORIA PRAT -- who are whisked off to the estate of crazy Dr. Humpp (ALDO BARBERO). There, with the aid of aphrodisiacs, "electronic control of the libido," and a talking, pulsating, disembodied brain in a jar (who's always in a bad mood), Dr. H turns his guests into "veritable screwing machines." He then drains "the blood forces of sex" from the copulating couples which he uses as an elixir to keep himself eternally young. Investigating the kidnappings, journalist RICHARD BAULEO quickly finds himself part of the story when he's partnered with Miss Prat on Humpp's telepathic sex machine. As the good doc points out, "Sex dominates the world and now I dominate sex!"