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The plot

Suffering through a double-bill of The Adventures of Lucky Pierre and Nature’s Playmates at the Studio Theatre (where a free tube of sun tan lotion is given away to patrons!), best buddies Al Harding (WILLIAM KERWIN, here billed as "Thomas Sweetwood") and Bob Stevens (BILL JOHNSON) decide they could do better and, just like that, enter the nudie film business. After overcoming the initial tribulations of hiring equipment and finding the right girls, they rent out a country cottage for the weekend and begin work on their epic, "Nature’s Nudniks."

The blissfully inexperienced duo are joined by gauche cameraman Schmurtz (ROBBIE BEE), and quickly discover that anything that can go wrong, does: an afternoon’s filming has to be redone when it’s discovered that no one has loaded the camera with film, the lens cap is forgotten to be removed, and the lovely girls sit their nude, top-heavy bodies down in a field of poison ivy.