Body Of Influence

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Body Of Influence

96 min

Release date: 08/11/94


Actors: Nick Cassavetes, Shannon Whirry,

The plot

DR. JONATHAN  BROOKS is a prominent  Beverly Hills psychiatrist.His clientele  consists mostly of bored wealthy housewives  who feel there is something lacking in their lives- something of a sexual nature.   At  one session, MARGARET,   a beautiful  ex-dancer,  starts to undress  in front of the doctor and tries to seduce him.  But Dr. Brooks remains impassive  as Margaret  taunts him with her flesh.   Finally,  Dr., Brooks rebuffs Margaret  who, hurt, dresses and leaves.Jonathan  goes to the video room where a monitor plays the days session.   His assistant,  HELEN, comments on Jonathan's  ability to keep his cool. Jonathan tells Helen he likes to have a video record of what transpired  in case he were ever to be accused of taking advantage  of a client.

 The next day Jonathan meets a new client, LAURA NESBITT.  The Doctor stops a moment when he first sees her, as she is arrestingly  beautiful.  Laura begins  to tell Jonathan about her problem:At night, after she has gone to sleep, she finds herself waking up in strange revealing  clothing,  in strange motel rooms, making love to men she has never seen before.  She is terrified because,  as she tells the Doctor,  she never does things like that and can't remember them actually happening.  Jonathan assures Laura that these episodes  don't really happen and are a figment of her repressed subconscious sexuality.He agrees to work with her and help alleviate  her anxiety.

At home that night,  Jonathan watches the tape of Laura.   He is visited by DETECTIVE  HARRY DANOFF.   The police force is tracking a serial killer,  who is up to victim number 5.  Jonathan has been brought  on to work up a psychological profile  of the killer.